Introducing Alda

May 4, 2017 by Jennifer Wood

Alda by Jennifer Wood

This simple garter stitch shawl is a mediation on short rows.


The short row placing gives it a unique curved shape that is perfect for wrapping around the shoulders.

Alda by Jennifer Wood

And the pretty lace edging adds the perfect detail. The short rows and lace edging add enough speciality to the garter stitch to make this a very enjoyable knit.

Alda by Jennifer Wood


Alda is an old german name meaning prosperous. I thought it a fitting name for the shawl; the garter stitch is a very old stitch and I used the german short row method.


And of course you feel prosperous with your lovely shawl wrapped around your shoulders. This shawl has a nice peaceful rhythm to it. It is such a pleasure to knit, I hope you enjoy it also!


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