Quilting for Baby Part 1

August 14, 2010 by Jennifer Wood

Eleanor's Quilt by Jennifer Wood

My daughter and I wanted to make a quilt for her baby girl, something that she could keep forever and would not be too babyish.  However, quilting is not one of my strong points nor really one of my loves. My goal was to create a quilt that was simple for non-quilters like me to make.  After a few mishaps this one really turned out quite well and I cannot wait to see my granddaughter use it.  These are a few things we did in order to make the quilt more easily.  We used minky fabric for the backing which enabled us to forego the batting that is normally needed when quilting.  We, also, used ties instead of traditional quilting.

 Eleanor's Quilt by Jennifer Wood
Designing the Layout
The important first step is to design your layout.  First pick your dimensions.  We chose 40’’x 60’’ which is larger than your usual baby quilt but we wanted it to be able to grow with my granddaughter.  Next designate your scale (ours was one square equals two inches) and plan your pattern.  Then determine the dimensions of each square and don’t forget to account for seam allowance.  We used half an inch seam allowance, however ordinarily only a quarter inch is used in quilting.  once all your dimensions are determined then you must decide which fabric is going in which square.  This is much more fun than finding you dimensions.  We got all our material and laid it out in roughly the same pattern as our graph in order to determine which pieces we wanted where.
  Eleanor's Quilt by Jennifer Wood
Cutting Out the Pieces
Cutting out the pieces was one of the more tedious aspects.  In order to make this job easier we used a rotary cutter and a quilting grid (not sure of technical term).
 Eleanor's Quilt by Jennifer Wood
Sewing the Pieces Together
When sewing the pieces together try to sew them in strips so that you do not have to sew in an L shape which is more difficult than just straight lines.  Unfortunately we had to sew two L shapes but they turned out fine.
Eleanor's Quilt by Jennifer WoodIroningAfter sewing the pieces together, iron the seams flat.  This is easiest to do as you go along so that you are not having to work with a large quilt on your ironing board. 

After sewing the pieces together, iron the seams flat.  This is easiest to do as you go along so that you are not having to work with a large quilt on your ironing board.

This concludes Part One, you are half way finished!! I will post the second half next week.


Quilting for Baby Part 2


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