Quilting for Baby Part 2

August 23, 2010 by Jennifer Wood

We left off with the top all sewn together. Now we are ready to finish the quilt.

100_1125Basting the Ric Rack

Once all your pieces are sewn together, baste the ric rack onto the right side edge of the quilt.

Eleanor's Quilt by Jennifer Wood


Pinning the Front and Back Together

Next cut the material for the backing.  I suggest cutting it larger than your dimensions to allow for the movement of the backside since the minki has a slippery side.  This is where we ran into our main difficulties and had to repeat this step.  Here is what we learned.  Use lots of pins to hold the two pieces together (more than you think you need).  Also I ended up having to sew the two pieces together with the minki side on top, in order to try and prevent it moving around as I sewed it. And don’t forget to leave a whole for turning.

Eleanor's Quilt by Jennifer Wood

Corner Sewing

Sewing a seam caddy corner to the corner helps the corners to maintain their shape when the quilt is right side out.

Eleanor's Quilt by Jennifer Wood

Cut the excess material in order to prevent lumpy edges.

Turn the quilt right side out.

Iron the edges.  Make sure to iron under the seam allowance at the whole used for turning.

Top stitch around entire quilt a quarter inch from the edge.

 Eleanor's Quilt by Jennifer Wood

Adding the Ties

Find the center of the quilt and place your starting tie.  We used a hemp cord that wouldn’t fray and a tapestry needle to attach the ties.

Eleanor's Quilt by Jennifer Wood


Measuring the Distance

Measure out the distance between each tie.  Starting with the center tie we moved out in a grid shape with each tie eight inches apart.


Eleanor's Quilt by Jennifer Wood

We then trimmed each string to the same length

Eleanor's Quilt by Jennifer Wood




Eleanor's Quilt by Jennifer Wood





NOW YOU ARE DONE!!  And get to enjoy the finished product.



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